cohesive bandage range

HERO cohesive bandages provide controlled compression that will not slip, constrict or migrate. Uses include securing IV lines, dressings, hot / cold packs and monitors etc. They provide support for soft tissue injuries and secure splints and casts for immobilisation.

The range is available in Latex and Latex Free. Key features for use are that they are hand tearable, require no pins or clips and they contour effortlessly around hard to bandage areas. For the patient they are lightweight, breathable, water resistant and are not broken down by perspiration or exudate. The bandage sticks to itself not to your skin. It is simple and painless to remove.

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  • Lightweight
  • Provides both support and compression
  • Contours around hard to bandage areas
  • Breathable
  • Simple and painless to apply and remove
  • Will not slip, slide, constrict or migrate
  • Water resistant
  • Not broken down by perspiration or water
  • Sticks to itself not to your skin
  • No pins or clips required
  • Hand tearable
  • Available in Latex and Latex Free
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